Amitabha Poudja - 49ième jour- pour Frans Goetghebeur

Le jeudi 17 mai 2018 à 18:00


Frans Goetghebeur

13 April 1948 – 29 March 2018

Co-founder of the Buddhist Institutes of Kagyu Yeunten Gyamtso Ling, in Huy, Schoten and Brussels
Translator and author.

We wish to express our deepest gratitude for his contribution to the flourishing of the Dharma in Belgium.

The Lamas of our centers, the members of the Sangha, his family and many friends will perform the Ritual of Amitabha on the occasion of the 49th day of his passing, in the Temple of Yeunten Ling on Thursday May 17th at 6pm. 

Amitabha is the Buddha of Infinite Light, Great Bliss, 
the Paradise of Dewachen.

You can contribute to the tsok offering with candles, fruit, cakes and biscuits, flowers, incense, wine and juices, which you bring to the temple.

At the end of the ceremony, these offerings will be distributed amongst the participants.

Om Ami Dewa Hri

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